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Individual Workouts

Private 1 on 1 sessions with specific feedback on the skills of focus for each workout.

Small Group Workouts

Group workouts for the following ages:

6th-8th Grade Boys/Girls

9th-12th Grade Boys/Girls

Team Workouts

Relative to small group workouts, but are specific to the offensive schemes that are ran within your program to help increase efficiency when game-time rolls around.



A collection of players that have worked with Gunnar

Plus MANY more!



Gunnar serves as a Skill Development Coach in the Kansas City metro area to achieve one goal: create an in-game environment during training in order to see in-game results. At the end of the day, results are what players are looking for. But it is the process before seeing the results that makes it so great. The hours of hard work that nobody sees, and the multiple failed attempts before that ONE successful rep when learning something new. All of these experiences have the intention of making a player the best version of themselves as a player and a person, as a whole.

Services are offered to the ages of 5th-12th grade for both girls and boys. As well as college athletes, and professional-level athletes. Individual/private workouts, small group workouts, and team workouts are available packages for skill development sessions.





GP is one of the most talented basketball trainers in KC! His genuine heart shows up on how he treats and cares for each athlete. His knowledge is top notch, he pushes kids to reach the top all while making it fun. No gimmicks, just game like drills and hard work!!



From the very start, AUTHENTIC! Everything that we have ever worked on has carried over and contributed to my game. The evidence is all in the film. From the pace, to the touch, and footwork... all gradually building towards the player that I want to be and will be. Will forever continue coming back again and again because the breakdown of wants, developed into what will be!



Even though I've only worked out with him a few times my bag has expanded so much. My IQ and knowledge of the game has expanded a lot too. He was so positive and uplifting. While not only working on offense he finds way to make the defense work too. Really blessed to work with Coach P!

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